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After a highly competitive process, the Citizen Diplomacy Fellowship has managed to select the first cohort of 10 fellows that will engage at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora for the next six months. Over 173 applications have been submitted with applicants from 28 different countries spanning 4 continents.

We are proud to introduce the Citizen Diplomacy Fellows who are very eager to start this journey toward enhancing the image of Kosova globally.

Meet the

After a highly competitive process, the Citizen Diplomacy Fellowship has managed to select the first cohort of 10 fellows that will engage at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora for the next six months. Over 173 applications have been submitted with applicants from 28 different countries spanning 4 continents.

We are proud to introduce the Citizen Diplomacy Fellows who are very eager to start this journey toward enhancing the image of Kosova globally.


Agonis Jashari was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. His strong bond with Kosova was ingrained in him from an early age. He believes in the importance of preserving his roots and contributing to Kosova’s future. Agonis graduated from the University of Antwerp with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in socio-economic sciences. At the same university, he also earned a second master’s degree in international relations and diplomacy. His academic journey consisted of a comprehensive analysis of Kosova’s foreign policy and an insightful master’s thesis on the effectiveness of peacekeeping missions, with the UN Mission in Kosova (UNMIK) as a case study. His passion and knowledge for international relations and diplomacy drive him to participate in the Citizen Diplomacy Fellowship (CDF) program. Through the CDF, Agonis aims to use his expertise and abilities to contribute to Kosova’s overall development and enhance its overall image on the international stage. He views this program as just the first step in this journey.


Albina’s professional background is a journey shaped by experiences in different countries and a commitment to continuous learning and growth. Born in Croatia, she completed her elementary and high school education there. Later on, Albina’s academic foundation was followed by a degree from the University of Business and Technology in Kosova which provided her with a comprehensive education in architecture, equipping her with the theoretical and practical knowledge required for this field. Albina’s experiences and interests in architecture restoration were rewarded with a stipend from the Ministry of Austria and Kosova to work with the Federal Monuments Authority in Vienna. This experience allowed her to work on real-world architectural projects, gain exposure to historical preservation, and expand her horizons in the field of restoration. Albina hopes to take a great part in the development of initiatives and programs that will leave a lasting impact on the region’s architectural and cultural landscape. She also believes that this program will not only provide her with a unique platform to expand her knowledge and skills but also empower her to make significant contributions.


Algert Dobra, born and raised in London, brings a rich academic background to the Citizen Diplomacy Fellowship Program. Having earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Politics and a Master’s degree in Emerging Economies & International Development from King’s College London, Algert has delved into crucial issues such as corruption and sustainability in developing nations. His undergraduate dissertation critically examined the effectiveness of international mediation efforts in Kosova, while his postgraduate research focused on the impact of political corruption on EU accession in the Western Balkans. With a passion for showcasing the potential of Kosova and fostering stronger connections between the diaspora and the nation, Algert is eager to leverage his skills acquired through academic pursuits. He envisions contributing to Kosova’s development with a keen eye on sustainability. As part of the Citizen Diplomacy Fellowship, Algert aims to highlight the untapped potential of Kosova’s population and contribute to the nation’s progress.


Ardit Halimi  recently graduated with a Masters of International and Intercultural Relations from the University of Aix-Marseille, France after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Public and International Law. During his Master’s degree, he learned how to manage different projects and how to communicate with different people and cultures. As part of his final year internship, he worked as a trainee for 4 months at the Consulate General of Kosovo in Geneva. This enabled him to understand his country’s institutions and their importance for Kosovo’s international image. He was born and raised in Marseille, France, with an Albanian family (from Kosovo and Albania). Due to this, he always had an aptitude for languages; that’s why he is fluent in Albanian, French and English but he also has a certain level of proficiency in Portuguese and Spanish. His dream was to work for his father’s country and for the international development of it, and that’s what he is trying to achieve with this fellowship.

Arlind Alidema

Arlind holds a Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations with specializations in Foreign Policy Analysis, Global Negotiations, and Conflict Management from Seton Hall University. His B.A in International Relations and Diplomacy was earned at the American College of Thessaloniki, Greece, and the Open University between 2013- 2017. Professionally, he focused on foreign policy analysis and community engagement. He served as the executive director of various Albanian American Non-For-Profit organizations, where he engaged the Albanian American community, with a particular focus on Diaspora youth. He organized various activities, including fundraising events, protests, and community projects. Over the past five years, he worked with the Kosovo Consulate General in NYC, participating in four UNGA and two UNSC sessions, helping prepare and facilitate high-level meetings and events. In addition, he served as program facilitator for SWC for their pilot program in NYC, which has since received over a million dollars of funding from the NYC Council. Throughout CDF, his goal is to learn, contribute, reconnect, and foster a closer relationship between the young diaspora in the U.S. and worldwide with their homeland.


Dasara Gashi is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, where she obtained a Master of Arts from the Centre of European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies. She also received her Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Toronto, double majoring in Political Science and European Studies and minoring in History. Born in Prishtina, but raised in Canada due to the war, she has endeavored to include Kosova in her academic career at every opportunity. As a Citizen Diplomacy Fellow, she hopes to make a meaningful impact on the projects she works on while gaining experience in Kosova.


Albiona is an international legal expert with two Masters degrees from the European University Centre in Nancy, France, in European/International Studies and European/International Law. She was born and raised in France in a household that placed great importance on preserving her Albanian roots. Her studies deepened her understanding of international dynamics, providing her with an in-depth perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing developing regions. Her experience as a diplomatic assistant for Albania at the UN Human Rights Council has given her invaluable expertise in the field of international relations and human rights. Her diverse professional background and emotional attachment to Kosova make her a committed voice, determined to work for a better future in the region, which she began doing as an intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora. Through the Citizen Diplomacy Fellowship, Albiona aims to play a significant role in the development and strengthening of its homeland through constructive initiatives to foster the growth of Kosova.


Edvina Musaj, born in Peje, and raised in Italy as a result of the war in Kosova graduated in Art Education and Communication from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where she also obtained a Master’s degree with honors in Cultural Mediation of Artistic Heritage. In her career, she has been responsible for educational services in museums and art galleries throughout Bologna. Edvina has conducted research, participated in cultural mediations and created educational projects in various places in Bologna, including the National Art Gallery of Bologna, the MAMbo Museum of Modern Art in Bologna, and MAST—Manifattura of Arts, Experimentation, and Technology. Her passion for culture has guided her education, using art as a tool to promote cultural identity, inclusivity, and interculturality, themes explored in her master’s thesis titled “Cultural Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Intercultural Education: The Role of Cultural and Intercultural Mediator.” Through the Citizen Diplomacy Fellowship, Edvina aspires to contribute to Kosova’s international image, leveraging her skills and dedication to promote intercultural exchange.


Don Osmani was born in Prishtina, Kosovo. He is a recent bachelor graduate of Erasmus University of Rotterdam in Management of International Social Challenges.  During his studies, Don pursued his passion for diplomacy by engaging in a 4-month internship program at the Kosovo Embassy in The Hague where he gained practical experience of a diplomatic setting. At the same time, Don also worked as a Mentor for first-year students at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam through the ESSB Connect Mentor programme, where he honed his leadership abilities. Don is also highly interested in the field of migration and diaspora, which he also conceptualized in his Bachelor thesis titled: ‘How do Kosovars’ perceptions and experiences of Germany shape their decision-making process when it comes to emigration?’. Through the Citizen Diplomacy Fellowship, Don seeks to incorporate all his knowledge and experience gained outside of Kosovo by strengthening Kosovo’s position in the foreign affairs stage.


Berlind Gajraku was born and raised in Germany, but he has a deep connection to his Kosovar roots. Hence, he was already part of the TeachforKosova program for five weeks this summer. With a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Regensburg, he has cultivated a background in financial advising and taxation. His professional journey began as an independent financial advisor with Tecis AG, and he continued to expand his expertise by working as a tax consultant at WTS. In parallel, he has contributed to his family’s restaurant business and offered his language skills as a translator (German-Albanian) for local governmental institutions in Regensburg. He envisions the fellowship as an opportunity to actively contribute to Kosovo’s development and strengthen the bonds between the diaspora and the homeland. He believes in the power of international connections. Through the CDF, he aims to leverage his social and economic skills to facilitate this vital exchange and be an integral part of Kosovo’s progress.


Blerim Halili is a PhD Candidate in sociology at Uludag University, Turkey. Blerim received his bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Prishtina and his postgraduate master’s studies in sociology from Istanbul University. Mr. Halili is an activist of the Albanian community in Istanbul, a co-founder and former coordinator of the Union of Albanian Students – Turkey, and a co-founder and former head of Nisma për Afirmim të Mendimit – NAM in Istanbul. He was a cofounder and director of the Kosovar Institute for Social Studies “Gnosis” in Prishtina. Blerim is the author of numerous articles in regional academic and political journals, including the papers published in Studime shoqërore, the journal of the Kosova Academy of Sciences and Arts; the redactor of some publications on social research and history; and the organizer and initiator of panels, seminars, etc., in Kosova and Turkey. By engaging in CDF within the framework of MFAD, Blerim aims to contribute to the best possible presentation of the truth and story about Kosova and to contribute with his professional background in the institutions and society of the Republic of Kosova.


Rea Spahiu was born and raised in London, United Kingdom. Having acquired a Bachelor’s in English Literature from UCL University, she has lived in both Peja, a small city, and London, a bustling metropolis. This diverse experience has enabled her to understand and explore the differences and nuances within a country. With a secured spot at the University of Law, Rea’s keen interest lies in studying the legal systems of various nations. Collaborating with her local MP, Rea has focused on examining laws in the UK and addressing significant social concerns embedded within the legislation. Working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora will enable Rea Spahiu to delve into the political and social landscape of Kosova. The culture of Kosova has always captivated her, and she sees immense potential in the contributions that the diaspora can make. Combining her passion for politics, law, and her roots, Rea is eager to make meaningful contributions to this sphere, leveraging her skills and knowledge to serve the interests of Kosova.


Drita Kabashi is a multi-disciplinary artist and academic. Drita holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama from New York University and a Master of Arts in Art History from the University of Illinois, Chicago.  She is a professional actor and art historian with a specialization in ancient Kosovar-Albanian art and cultural heritage. The blend of expressive and pedagogic worlds provides for rich and varied art knowledge and methodology. Drita has starred in film and theatre in New York, as well as in Albanian film. In the academic sphere, she dedicates herself to conserving and researching Kosovar-Albanian art and artifacts. Her forthcoming publication in the academic journal Kosova Anthropologica underscores her scholarly contributions. In her career, Drita strives to fuse theory with practice. Drita has joined the Citizen Diplomacy Fellowship because she is dedicated to preserving and understanding the rich cultural heritage of Kosova. With a career spanning both the artistic and scholarly worlds, Drita hopes to shed light on the cultural tapestry of Kosova with her creativity and expertise.


Edona Demhasaj completed her Bachelor’s and Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees at the prestigious University of Mannheim in Germany, with a focus on tax law. Currently, she contributes her legal knowledge and tax expertise to the international tax department of Schwarz Group. Her solid foundation in both law and taxation makes her a valuable asset in the dynamic environment of international diplomacy. With her impressive language skills in Albanian, German, English, and French, Edona is well-equipped to operate in a multilingual setting and to strengthen international cultural connections. Her commitment to intercultural dialogue and her efforts to enhance Kosova’s international standing make her a key figure in multicultural projects. As part of the Citizen Diplomacy Fellowship and beyond, Edona has set a goal to establish strong networks within the Kosovar diaspora. These networks are intended to be not only reliable but also a support base where all Kosovars in the diaspora can find assistance. Edona aims to deepen global relations with Kosova and increase its standing worldwide.


Isa Bojaj is a postgraduate at King’s College London and graduate of the University of Exeter in International Relations. An Aziz Foundation Scholar, specialised in international affairs and diplomacy, Isa has also been a fellow at the universities of Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Oslo examining Kosova’s objectives on the world stage, including accession to the UNGA, NATO and EU. A British-Kosovar from London, Isa has engaged in various youth diplomatic missions, most notably at the United Nations and most recently with the Emerging Peacemakers Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, representing Kosova to world leaders. To date, Bojaj has had a vast career across Europe including his editorship of the UK’s leading political affairs publication. Inspired by his academic career and his late grandfather’s legacy, Isa aims to contribute to the internal and external consolidation of the Kosova State, particularly in the realm of international relations. As such, through the fellowship, Isa is looking forward to offering his expertise and experience in service of the MFAD.


Medina holds a Bachelor’s degree in International and European Law (LL.B) from The Hague University of Applied Sciences and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree (LL.M) in Public International Law with a specialization in Human Rights at Utrecht University. Throughout her Bachelor’s studies, she maintained a keen interest in both international and commercial law, ultimately choosing to further her expertise in International Law and Human Rights due to her Kosova Albanian heritage. In the concluding year of her Bachelor’s program, she completed an internship at the Embassy of The I.R. of Afghanistan in The Hague, where she played an essential role in assisting the Embassy with matters related to the investigation conducted by the International Criminal Court into alleged Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes in Afghanistan. During the CDF, Medina intends to help improve Kosova’s international image. Showing our country’s improvement in areas of Human Rights and the rule of law is one of her many goals. Furthermore, she would like to witness the institutions of Kosova in action firsthand.


Milot holds a Master of International Business Administration from Europa-Universität Viadrina and a Bachelor of Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Staffordshire University. These degrees have allowed him to expand his knowledge of international relations, international business strategies, and cross-cultural dynamics. Apart from his academic accomplishments, he gained practical expertise in policy research, project management, and advocacy while working at the Germanwatch think tank as a Policy Advisor for the Western Balkans. In this role, he successfully oversaw challenging projects, worked with EU partners, and influenced discussions on energy and climate policy in the Western Balkans and the EU. His leadership and analytical abilities were refined by this experience, which also strengthened his will to further Kosova’s interests internationally. Milot Morina intends to use his network and background to both boost Kosova’s standing internationally and to develop enduring connections.


Dr. Rona Karahoda is a dedicated and accomplished academic and researcher, serving as an Assistant Professor at Charles University in the Czech Republic. Her academic journey began with A-level studies at Seaford College in the United Kingdom. She then pursued both her master’s and doctoral degrees at Charles University, specializing in pharmacology and toxicology. Throughout her educational journey, she gained valuable international experience by undertaking a 5-month research stay at the University of Bern in Switzerland and actively participating in numerous international conferences, including events in Japan, Argentina, and New Zealand. Dr. Karahoda boasts a prolific publication record that underpins her expertise and significant contributions to the scientific literature. Her dedication to academic excellence has been duly recognized with multiple awards and grants received. After several years abroad, Dr. Karahoda is eager to return to her homeland and actively engage in Kosova’s diplomatic initiatives. Her particular interest lies in applying her skills within the Ministry of Health to spearhead projects addressing Kosova’s healthcare needs and challenges.


Shan is from Florida, where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Following his undergraduate studies, he worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kosova, where he taught English to primary school students. Upon completing his service, he returned to the United States and earned his Master’s degree from the Russian and East European Institute at Indiana University. During his time as a Robert F. Byrnes, FLAS, and McCloskey Fellow in Indiana, Shan had the fortune to study the Bosnian language, while simultaneously focusing on his primary research interests of nationalism, Orientalism, and Islamophobia in the Balkans. Throughout his academic studies, he had the opportunity to study abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is also the director of two documentary films, one of which is titled “Stories of the Kosovo War.” As a Citizen Diplomacy Fellow, he seeks to apply his diverse skills and experiences to enhance the image and international standing of the Republic of Kosova.


Shqipe is a lawyer with a specialization in Public International Law, International Criminal Law and Business & Human Rights and holds a Master of Laws from the Faculty of Law at Stockholm University. She has also studied Political Psychology and Arab-Israeli Relations at the University of Haifa in Israel. Shqipe  developed a keen interest in foreign policy in the hopes of improving access to freedom and justice. Her LL.M. thesis focused on Swedish sentencing determination in international crimes, which gave her valuable experience in conducting independent research. The innovative subject broke new ground; she had the honor of co-authoring a book where she wrote about Swedish procedures for determining sanctions for international crimes. Shqipe has experience working with different NGOs; previously, she conducted in-depth legal research in human rights and public international law on both procedural and substantive issues at the Legal and Enforcement Unit at the Presidency of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, the Netherlands. With a strong emotional connection to Kosova, she seeks this opportunity to turn her experience into a concrete contribution to her country of origin.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please reach out through our email.

In order to apply, you need to go to this link, fill out the application form, and submit the additional documents that are required.

Be a member of the diaspora or of the Republic of Kosova, currently living outside the Republic of Kosova. Applicants must have at least two years of professional experience, supported by references, and motivation letters.

Yes, each fellow receives a stipend to cover their expenses while living in Kosova.
The fellows will be selected by the selection committee, consisting of academics,  representatives from MFAD, and members of civil society from Kosova and abroad/diaspora.

If you pass the first phase of the application process, you will be invited for an online interview, which  will be conducted virtually through the online platform Zoom.

There are no GPA requirements to submit the application form, only a university degree and at least two years professional experience.

It is required that the applicant be fluent in English. Preference will be given to applicants who are also fluent in other languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.

You can contact us with further questions at: [email protected] about the selection process.

There is a period of five days after you have received a decision when you are allowed to appeal. All inquiries and appeals can be emailed at: [email protected]

The fellows, upon commencement, will work on multiple outputs, with a focus on research and project deployment, in line with the objectives of the fellowship, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, and other line Ministries.

Yes, based on the scale of the project that you will focus on, and based on the profiles of the fellows, there will be team based projects where each fellow will have a specific role to it.


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